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    1 To Have Him Back
    - "Oh, Laura!" cried her neighbor, "I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. He was s...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 96 0
    2 More Attention
    - At the marriage counselor's office, the woman complained, "What's-his-name here says I don't give hi...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 120 0
    3 Waking Grumpy
    - Marriage counselor to female client: Maybe your problem is that you've been waking up grumpy every m...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 196 0
    4 Love Old and Feeble
    - Husband: Darling, will you love me when I'm old and feeble?Spouse: You bet I do....Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 115 0
    5 She Fetches All
    - Gena is such a good wife. Why, just let her husband get home late at night and as soon as he enters ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 98 0
    6 Better Than Drunk
    - Outraged wife: Couldn't you think of anything better than coming home drunk like this?Husband: Yes, ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 107 0
    7 New Insurance Policy
    - After their house burned down, Mary Ann, his wife, called the insurance company.Mary Ann tells the i...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 124 0
    8 Husband\'s Average Income?
    - Income tax examiner: What's your husband's average income?Wife: Oh, about midnight....Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 113 0
    9 Who Needs A Husband?
    - Who needs a man!...My dog growls at me every morning, my parrot swears all afternoon, my fireplace s...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 72 0
    10 Leaving
    - After an argument with his wife, a man stalked out of the house. He returned a few hours later to fi...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 100 0
    11 Much Improved
    - A husband was worried about the decline in the quality of his marriage so he discreetly went to a ma...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 131 1.5
    12 Why I Brought Her Home
    - A woman comes home from shopping and finds her husband in bed with another woman. The man jumps up a...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 109 0
    13 What Would You Do?
    - "Come on, Steve," one guy said to another at the gym, "your wife is not as bad as you say. What woul...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 71 0
    14 Who Was It?
    - The man came home to find evidence that his wife had been unfaithful. "Was it my friend Steve?" he y...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 95 0
    15 Improving
    - Sam arrived home from work early one afternoon only to surprise his wife busily engaged with a midge...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 77 0
    16 Retirement
    - Retirement means twice as much husband for half as much money....Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 145 0
    17 Why Worry?
    - The next door neighbor of a middle-aged wife came over to inform her that her retired husband was ch...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 91 0
    18 Sliding Husband
    - A man and a beautiful woman were having dinner in a fine restaurant. Their waitress, taking another ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 104 0
    19 We Don\'t Argue
    - Jim and I have been married for two years now and we have not yet had our first husband-wife argumen...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 137 0
    20 Who Suffered?
    - Watching her mother as she tried on her new mink coat, the daughter protested, "Mom, do you realize ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 87 0
    21 No Arguments
    - Six months into a marriage, a man was asked by his best friend how everything was going. He replied,...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 107 0
    22 He\' Boss
    - If you constantly hear a married man brag about how he runs everything around the house, you can be ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 171 0
    23 Wrong Shirt
    - A clerk was showing a lady a very nice dress shirt and tie."Now this," the clerk said, "is absolutel...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 87 0
    24 Now That You Mention It
    - "I'd like to buy some gloves for my wife," the young man said, eyeing the attractive salesgirl, "but...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 155 0
    25 Fill These Pants
    - Tom and Jeni are having one of their occasional disputes of opinion. Tom took off his pants and thre...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 116 0