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    1 Get Rich Quick
    - A knockout young lady decided she wanted to get rich quick. So, she proceeded to find herself a rich...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 89 0
    2 A Present for Little Johnny!
    - Little Johnny had a cussing problem and his father was getting tired of it. He decided to ask his sh...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 150 0
    3 Snow White and her Prince
    - What did Snow White say when the photographer said her photos weredone?I knew some day my prints wou...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 107 0
    4 Do You Know what Im doing?
    - A beautiful, voluptuous woman went to a gynecologist. The doctor took one look at this woman and all...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 67 0
    5 Condom Buying
    - A young man goes into a drug store to buy condoms.The pharmacist says the condoms come in packs of 3...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 106 0
    6 A Room for a Night
    - Many years agao, a Jewish lady named Mrs. Rosenberg was stranded late one night at a fashionable res...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 200 0
    7 Yet another blonde joke...
    - How do you make a blonde's eyes light up?Shine a torch in her ear!...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 167 0
    8 Blond and Brunette
    - A blond and a brunette are on an elevator, suddenly a good lookinghandsome man gets on. So then the ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 123 0
    9 Opinions
    - Everybody knows there are different opinions to everything. Here are some.*A smoking section in a re...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 135 0
    10 Lifestyles of Men and Women
    - Women's Lifestyles Through the AgesAGE... DRINK17... Winecoolers25... White wine35... Red wine48... ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 108 0
    11 The bar and chain.
    - A man walks into a bar pulling a heavy chain. The bartender asksthe man what he could get him and wh...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 90 0
    12 Grounds for Divorce
    - A woman goes into her lawyers office requesting a divorce. He istaking all of her background informa...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 110 0
    13 Full House!
    - Little Johnny has a question, so he goes around the house to find his father. He opens his dad's bed...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 93 0
    14 Girls and Hockey
    - Why can't girls play hockey?Because they have to change their pads every period!...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 87 0
    15 The Splatted Toad
    - Why did the toad cross the road?TO Show his girlfriend he has GUTS!...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 85 0
    16 Lonely Cow in Field
    - Q: What do you call a bull in the middle of a field spanking his monkey?A: Beef Stroganoff...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 101 0
    17 Virgina Girl
    - A young West Virginian girl wanted to go to college at UVA. But her father said 'No Way! You're goin...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 180 0
    18 Your momma is...
    - Your momma is like a doorknob - everyone gets a turn!...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 101 0
    19 Smitty the Parrot\'s Birthday
    - Harry says to his pet parrot Smitty, "What do you want for your birthday?" Smitty says, "I want to g...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 203 0
    20 Banana
    - What do you get when you cut a banana in two?A BANANA SPLIT!...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 136 0
    21 No Brakes
    - Did you ever hear about Blitzen the Brown nosed reindeer?He is twice as fast as Rudolf but doesn't s...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 107 0
    22 Another chicken crosses the road.
    - Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?A: To show the squirrel it CAN be done!...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 153 0
    23 Unfaithful Mates
    - Otis, Henry, and Tom were sitting in a bar discussing their wives. Henry started by saying, "I think...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 208 0
    24 Are there Jews in China?
    - Sid and Al were sitting in a Chinese restaurant. "Sid," asked Al, "are there any Jews in China?""I d...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 224 0
    25 Nurse converse.
    - Several nurses on break in the Boston General cafeteria werediscussing boyfriends, past and present....Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 210 0