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    1 How To Drive Your Wife Crazy
    - Start asking her questions (don't mistakenly do anything) about cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Say,...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 178 0
    2 His And Hers Road Trip
    - HERS: Pulls off at wrong exit. Opens window. Asks directions from a knowledgeable police officer. Ar...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 128 0
    3 Great Job
    - A guy came home to his wife and said to her: "Guess what? I've found a great job. A 10 AM start, 2 P...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 136 0
    4 Men Should Listen
    - A man is driving up a steep, narrow mountain road. A woman is driving down the same road. As they pa...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 153 0
    5 Marriage Quotes By Men
    - I married Miss Right. I just didn't know her first name was Always. It's not true that married men l...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 147 0
    6 Majorly Busted
    - Every Saturday morning he has an early tee time. He gets up early and eager, golfs all day long, som...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 231 0
    7 Looking Good
    - While her husband was lying down, his wife removed his glasses. "You know, honey," she said sweetly,...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 153 0
    8 Male Bashing
    - Q. What did God say after creating Adam A. I must be able to do better than that. Q. How do you get ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 143 0
    9 Just Like Dad
    - The bride, upon her engagement, went to her mother and said, "I've found a man just like father!" He...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 157 0
    10 Nothing Works
    - I was enjoying the second week of a two-week vacation the same way I had enjoyed the first week: by ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 143 0
    11 Two Cannibals
    - Two cannibals, a father and son, were elected by the tribe to go out and get something to eat. They ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 130 0
    12 Husband's Great Gift
    - A married couple was in a terrible accident where the woman's face was severely burned. The doctor t...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 125 0
    13 Things Only Women Understand
    - 10. Cats' facial expressions 9. The need for the same style of shoes in different colors 8. Why bean...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 114 0
    14 Factory Workers
    - In a small town in the US, there is a rather sizable factory that hires only married men. Concerned ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 222 0
    15 Needs
    - Husband and wife are getting all snugly in bed. The passion is heating up. But then the wife stops a...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 220 0
    16 NY Times Ad
    - Ad seen in the New York Times... FOR SALE BY OWNER Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. 45 volum...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 147 0
    17 New Women's Study
    - There is a new study out about women. I thought these results were pretty interesting. 85% of women ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 136 0
    18 New Relationship Book
    - "My wife suggested a book for me to read to enhance our relationship. It's titled: 'Women are from V...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 174 0
    19 What will you do for golf?
    - Four married guys go golfing on Sunday. During the 3rd hole the following conversation ensued: First...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 115 0
    20 Leader of the HMO
    - Three people die, a Doctor a school teacher and the head of a large HMO, when met at the pearly gate...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 132 0
    21 Pick Heaven or Hell
    - One day while walking down the street a highly successful executive woman was tragically hit by a bu...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 162 0
    22 He's going to Heaven
    - Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and says to the first man he meets, "Do you want to go to...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 124 0
    23 Clinton is in Heaven
    - President Clinton died and knocked at the Pearly Gates. "Who goes there?" inquired St. Peter. "It's ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 110 0
    24 Filling in for St. Peter
    - A famous professor of surgery died and went to heaven. At the pearly gate he was asked by the gateke...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 132 0
    25 Fulfilling their requests
    - There were 3 men who died and before God would let them into heaven, he gave them a chance to come b...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 124 0