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    1 Things You'll Never Hear A Woman Say
    - What do you mean today's our anniversary? Can we not talk to each other tonight? I'd rather just wat...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 165 0
    2 Signs Christmas Has Become To Commercial
    - You don't recall that line from It's A Wonderful Life saying, "Every time a cash register rings, a c...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 177 0
    3 Signs Your Car Might Be A Lemon
    - Motor Trend never mentioned a "Chevrolet Caca." Manufactured in Zchkynk, Crzyktjkystan. Passenger-si...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 147 0
    4 Things Learned From Children
    - 1. If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound b...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 144 0
    5 20 Things a Guy Learned From Action Movies
    - 1. No matter what my problem is, it's the fault of someone other than myself, and the appropriate re...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 159 0
    6 10 Things Not to say on your Anniversary
    - 10. I stopped caring about anniversaries when you stopped caring about cooking. 9. Today is our what...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 279 0
    7 Signs someone is using your e-mail
    - 10. "Honey, why is an 18-wheeler from backing into our driveway?" 9. One Secret Service a...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 190 0
    8 Top 10 Ways Y2K Will Affect Disney World
    - 10. Accidental switch back to 19,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 9. Screwed up computers report EuroDisne...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 143 0
    9 A human's chalkboard assignments
    - This list of chalkboard assignments may be used for your human when he does not behave well. The bel...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 211 0
    10 Top Ten Things To Do While Giving Blood
    - by : Tina Mancuso and Paul Coen 10. Watch the bag fill. 9. Hyperventilate. 8. Pull the tube out of t...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 168 0
    11 Books on Tape We Don't Want to Hear
    - by : Scott Corliss 1. The Communist Manifesto as read by Ronald Reagan 2. The Torah as read by Louis...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 232 0
    12 Top 10 signs that you are too drunk
    - 10. You have to hold onto the lawn to keep from falling off the Earth. 9. Mosquitoes catch a buzz af...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 142 0
    13 50 things to do during an exam
    - You should not attempt these things during an actual exam. The following is meant for entertainment ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 177 0
    14 Your co-worker is a computer hacker
    - 10. You ticked him off once and your next phone bill was $20,000. 9. He's won the Publisher's Cleari...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 161 0
    15 Redneck Working on Computer
    - Top ten indicators that a redneck has been working on your computer 10. The monitor is up on blocks....Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 154 0
    16 Miscellaneous yo mama jokes
    - Yo mama feet are so big her shoes have to have license plates! Yo mama aint so bad...she would give ...Read the whole joke
    Miscellaneous 124 0
    17 Yo mama's house is so dirty
    - Yo mama house so dirty roaches ride around on dune buggies! Yo mama house so dirty she has to wipe h...Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 144 0
    18 Yo mama's house is so small
    - Yo mama house so small that when she orders a large pizza she had to go outside to eat it. Yo mama h...Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 146 0
    19 Yo mama's head so large
    - Yo mama head so big she has to step into her shirts. Yo mama head so big it shows up on radar....Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 136 0
    20 Yo mama's hair is so short
    - Yo mama hair so short when she braided it they looked like stiches. Yo mama hair so short she curls ...Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 129 0
    21 Yo mama's nose is so big
    - Yo mama nose so big she makes Pinochio look like a cat! Yo mama nose so big that her neck broke from...Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 123 0
    22 Yo mama's glasses so thick
    - Yo mama's glasses are so thick that when she looks on a map she can see people waving. Yo mama's gla...Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 135 0
    23 Yo mama is so stupid
    - Yo mama so stupid it took her 2 hours to watch 60 minutes Yo mama so stupid when she saw the NC-17 (...Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 219 0
    24 Yo mama is so dirty
    - Yo mama so dirty she has to creep up on bathwater. Yo mama so dirty she makes mud look clean. Yo mam...Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 224 0
    25 Yo mama is so flat
    - Yo mama so flat she's jealous of the wall! Yo mama so flat she's jealous of a book! Yo mama so flat ...Read the whole joke
    Yo Mama Jokes 263 0